Aero Infotech provides its services to a wide range of clients and helps them to improve their performance and deliver more value. We have been working on a number of technological platforms and our experts have made it possible for us to consistently strive for excellence. Our reputation among our clients is admirable and at the same time, we keep trying to improve ourselves by taking feedback from the clients. We maintain healthy relationships with our clients and ensure client satisfaction in every project. It is due to our clients that we have been able to come so far and are optimistic about the future ahead. Some of our clients have been listed below.

CitiXsys Technologies:

CitiXsys specializes in the retail and distribution sector and provides software solutions to the customers. The company has built strong capabilities in the software technology and is leveraging the cutting edge software solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of its clients. CitiXsys focuses on improving the profits of the clients through various applications and has made a tremendous contribution in the retail and distribution sector.


Namshi is an online fashion store which has its presence internationally. The company has been providing top level services in a number of countries and functioning very effectively. It is one of the few fashion stores which deliver all over the world. The categorical fashion products that they provide, along with frequent discounts, have made them a hot choice in the online fashion business. Their website is one of the most sought after websites internationally and is growing day by day.

Rocket Internet:

Rocket Internet is enabling so many people all over the world to create their own venture. The company has a wide presence and is empowering the online businesses from various sectors. Internet has been a great power, ever since its advent, and Rocket Internet knows how to leverage that power to create a wonderful platform for the upcoming entrepreneurs. The company has a significant market and is growing rapidly as the number of upcoming businesses is increasing day by day.

Other Clients