Aero SmartLabel


Aero SmartLabel Solution (ASL – Aero Smart Label & Aero Smart Label System Software)

Aero SmartLabel is a wireless labeling technology that works with the help of remote control technology and makes sure that commodity prices remain up to date. Since Aero SmartLabel works wirelessly, it has the capability of synchronizing databases with real retail environment with the help of smart software.

Aero SmartLabel is a revolutionary product that is being introduced in the retail industry to promote and encourage new business models by helping them function efficiently.


Excellent value for money

Aero SmartLabel is reasonably priced which is the reason why investment in this technology device would result in a high return on the initial investment. With the help of some customization techniques you can turn Aero SmartLabel into an affordable solution that will help you with retailing. Moreover, the service life, as indicated in the specifications shows that Aero SmartLabel is a long term solution.

Flexible and efficient management

Managing price information has been made very easy with the introduction of Aero SmartLabel. It promotes flexible management, efficiency and accuracy. There is a flexible fixed mode installed in the device as well that allows it to perform equally well in different conditions. The multiple page display ability of Aero SmartLabel allows updating the price smoothly along with further assistance with store management.

Modern Display

The modern display allows Aero SmartLabel to remain competitive that is compatible with ERP systems of most stores.



Aero SmartLabel ensures that the prices in the databases are recorded with 100% accuracy. Not only the databases will have accurate prices but also the price labels will be correct. This device leaves no room for manual errors and gives an added control over pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

Since you will be using correct prices and will quote them to customers accurately, the customers will be more confident in shopping from you. Any delays caused by wrong pricing will be delayed as well that will result in saving some time.

Higher Sales

If you forget to price a good in the store by mistake, the system will alert you about it and will make sure that you do not lose a sale.

Increased Productivity

Aero SmartLabel allows the staff to focus on other important tasks rather than labeling products with prices manually. This will result in increased productivity and will also allow the staff to do more tasks.

Product Specifications

Dimension and Screen : Aero SmartLabel is a portable device that measures 45 x 90 mm in dimension and is only around 9mm thick. The device has a 2 inch screen that views 45 x 20mm of the area at one time.

Battery : The battery life of Aero SmartLabel is quite impressive. Its expected service life is 5 years and it is also replaceable, which means that when you run out of battery and cannot charge it immediately, you can just use your spare battery.

Display : The transmission mode of this device is 2.4G and it has both multi-page and promotion information display. It also comes with an anti-theft technology.

Performance : Aero SmartLabel has an update speed of more than 5000 products on an hourly basis. This update rate is massive and so is the stability of updates.