Aero Blu

Experience new interaction capabilities with your consumer

Aero BLU is a mobile marketing platform that uses beacons to connect the physical world with digital experiences. In other words, we can help retailer to deliver the content and experiences based on proximity to things in the physical world. With Aero BLU you have the power to create a whole new level of engagement with your customers.

  • Run Highly Targeted

    With multitudes of channel options you can simply target the customer you wish to engage with never before accuracy

  • Deploy Campaigns

    Ready to use templates and easy to use intuitive dashboard to create, deliver and manage campaigns

  • Increase
    conversion rates

    Engagement through mobile devices lets you convince the consumer better without any manual interference, thus leading to higher conversion

  • Create Engaging
    Mobile Experiences

    Sky is the limit for your creativity with Aero Blu. Now you can create highly customized campaigns for more interaction

  • Real Time Engagement
    and Analytics

    Apart from a highly intuitive dashboard with benefits of templates, you get instant analytics on each customer in real time apart from historical data

Be creative

Unleash your creativity through a set of highly engaging
experiences pushed directly to the consumers mobile devices.

Get Smart

Get the most comprehensive insight on ROI,
sales statistics, campaign effectiveness
and consumer trends in real time.

Get Smart

Engage customers in their chosen channels

Aero Blu gives you the option to simplify consumer fulfillment
by targeting the promotion in the best way possible.

  • Pushing eCoupons

  • Running Loyalty Programs

  • Geomarketing Tools

  • Connected Packaging

  • Template based promotions

  • Smart Messaging